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August 23, 2011
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Assault Rifle by MeckanicalMind Assault Rifle by MeckanicalMind
Bang Bang!

A used rifle, you can see the Resistance influence. I haven't designed weapons in a bit and although I didn't design any for R3, I am still affected by its style. Maybe this could be a proto Marksman type gun?

*Not from an actual game

CS3 + Tablet drawing + a little photo bashing.

My Blog [link]
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BlueberrySpecial Oct 14, 2013   Traditional Artist
Really love it. :)
In real life, insert magnets correctly on the side of that barrel, and I think you might have a personel rail gun type weapon. xD

Ever since the concept of using magnets to propel vehicles like trains has been in use, why haven't we applied this to weapons of today? I know the US military is doing that for the new warships that are going to be produced, but they of course wont show schematics, but just look at the halo game, but instead of 2 rails, use six to completely encircle the barrel, then you have a nice speed boost... and I think if you add heavier ammunition, like maybe a 50. cal slug bullet, then the variaties of shooting through concrete walls to armor plating of vehicles just may seem plausible. Im a gun nut, so seeing a concept gun like this that can be made in reality interests me beyond belief... too bad money is too tight to have guns costume made like this...
But what is that description of that weapon im real fell in love with this beaty
Just wondering, do you freehand sketch these first and then clean it up with perfect straight lines, or just start off blocking in values and the general shape.

I ask because I've taken an interest in weapon design, but when using the straight line tool in the software I use, the weapon tends too look blocky and somewhat unrealistic, so some general tips or ideas from your process would be welcome.
CzechBiohazard Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome firearm, I'm loving the optic. :3
Me Gusta mucho, imma fav that cause it looks awesoooome.
SOS101 Jan 3, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
good job~! great design~
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Gunnut51 Nov 12, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
It looks like the Rebel rfile from RotJ
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